After six hours, we were too tired to press on. ZainRedding, Garlock, Huntah and DomeSpace turned in for the night. That was one week 24 levels and about 30 successful runs of Shadow Raid ago. This week, we’re back for more and we aren’t stopping until Zain learns patience. Ok, we don’t have 200 years to wait, so we’ll settle for completing the Framing Frame job on Overkill in stealth – and we’re not leaving without all eight paintings and all eight bags of gold.

Our goal here is stealth. We found that none of the ASSETS available for purchase on this day are worth the money. You can buy a truck to gain roof access – or you can save some money and use the stairs that are on the opposite side of the building. There’s also an option to have windows open on the roof – except they’re open no matter what, so that’s not really worth any money at all.

There is no actual ‘casing mode’ in Framing Frame. You start out masked up and ready to rock. Nonetheless, you’ll still want to case the place.
Here’s what you’re searching for on Day 1:

  • First and foremost – the Eight tagged paintings. From the roof, all you can really make out is a small red circle in the bottom corner of each case. There are 5 exhibit halls – A through E.
  • Second – Locate the security room. You’re going to want to disable the cameras to make your life easier.
  • Third – This one will be the toughest to spot. There’s laser security crossing one of the doorways between the exhibit halls. If you walk through them – you trip the alarm. Find out which doorway has the lasers.

First – Send one person in to infiltrate the security room and kill the surveillance. You’ll need a quick way to open doors and a body bag or two for guards.
Once the cameras are shut down, the three guys on the roof need to guide your man out – preferably with any bodies that may have dropped. Voice chat – as always – is an enormous bonus. Your man will need to know where the guards are as well as the direction they are headed. It helps to set up commands ahead of time so that everyone knows what you’re talking about.

    STEALTH TACTIC – Use at least two spotters

Once that’s handled it’s time to get the paintings.
Divide the exhibit halls into 2 sections with the laser doorway being the center. You don’t want to have to walk through that thing. Post two men on the roof and one in view of the front entrance. The man at the entrance can help cart out the paintings on the side with the bathroom.
We tend to ferry the bags over to the van immediately so as to be certain that no one will path into them. We take the paintings out the bathroom side first. Occasionally, there’s a guard behind the front desk. Just take him out – it makes things simpler.

If you’ve managed to get out enough paintings – you can just bail out. Remember though – the more paintings you secure here, the more cameras you’ll have for Day 3.
In the example here, you can see we decided to just go hot for the last two paintings. You can always rely on Zain’s patience running out before too long. You have to feed him blood.

On Overkill or Deathwish – this map is a complete shit show. I recommend having one person grab hosties right at the outset. Take the hostages and the paintings to the inset garage on the side of the building that faces the restaurant. Watch the video to see what I mean.
Drop some ammo and health in the back – you’re going to need it. Put two guys on each wall with their backs to it. Dudes on the right shoot left and vise versa. Make sure to stagger your reloads as best as possible.
When the van arrives, have two men take two of the paintings to the drop off. They can over each other fairly well – well enough to drop off and return at any rate. Send them out for one more trip. When they return the second time, everyone takes a painting and makes a run for it.
Here’s how it should go:

Day 2 • Day 3

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