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Hey all, Garlock here with a Dojo SitRep for you.

I’m sure that you’ve noticed crickets and the sound of a gentle breeze the last few months. The opportunity to work with some very amazing people on promotional materials for Far Cry 4 and Assassins Creed Unity presented itself and I could not turn it down. These guys really know their craft and as is the case every time I’m able to work with them, I learned a ton. You can see some of our handiwork here:

AC: Unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQEocdLSgZ8
AC: Unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rd2bFfwBg0

FC4: 101 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYdjb10JcxU
FC4: Welcome to Kyrat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeKn_bMD2tk
FC4: Welcome to Kyrat 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EMOL8HWrMU

I’ve 100%ed Far Cry 4 twice now. From the perspective of someone who loves tactical shooters – this game is the bees knees. Zain and I completed every outpost in the game both on normal and hard difficulties and let me tell you – do it on hard. Normal is way too easy for the experienced shooter. AC:Unity, on the other hand, I haven’t played beyond my time capturing for it, though that bit was very satisfying. The AC games are my favorite franchise. As such I tend to 100% each game before moving on. Because of that I’m still on AC 3. I’m a huge history nerd, what can I say?

The good news in all of this is that I’m back now with new content and a new face. Here’s what we have in store for 2015:

First off, let’s (re)introduce the crew:

Starting with the new guy: DOMESPACE. I’ve fragged with this guy for over a decade. We’ve dominated everything from the original Counter Strike to the DOTA mod for WarCraft 3 to Anarchy Online. There are some people who have nightmares that include him giggling as he knifes them in the back – which, by the way – isn’t the walk in the park of modern shooters like CoD where you just click a button and your opponent dies. When you’re knifing people in CS Beta, it’s a total shit show. DOMESPACE is just that good.
Fragging for this guy is second nature. So much so that he frequently runs off to do something crazy just to keep himself interested. The only way you know what’s going on is that you see a stream of rage coming through chat from the enemy team and you hear him laughing aloud over comms.

Next is Zain. I met DOMESPACE and Zain at around the same time. The two of them worked at Wizards of the Coast and I was a manager of a bookstore right down the hall. About ten years ago Zain and I created the 1st Mechanized Infantry gaming guild and built it up to over 1000 members worldwide.
Zain is our point man. He’s always been our door kicker – the first man in the room. He’ll arrive in that split second before the enemy team and take them out seconds after they’ve spawned leaving them demoralized and down an objective. Even if he dies in that time, he’s taken down a significant enough part of the enemy force that we can easily clean up while he dusts his ass off and respawns.

Hunta is relatively new to the crew, but if you’ve followed the stream, you know him by now. He’s the silent killer. When the rest of us are swearing like a gang of rum filled pirates at our deaths, Hunta is exacting vengeance upon our killers. His experience in gaming is vast and he brings all of that knowledge to the stream.

Finally, I’m Garlock. I’m the guy who put all of this together. I remember when Wolfenstein 3D was released and every FPS game since that time. My love for the shooter began that summer and has been growing ever since. At some point, I realized that shooters were maturing so I started to focus on the tactical aspects of the game when my twitch skills weren’t enough.
Unsatisfied with the information available on the internet at the time, I started work on a small unit tactics manual for FPS games that I taught to a small group of people in the 1st Mechanized Infantry. Years later I turned that manual into the first incarnation of this site, and here we are 3 years later.

The Road Ahead.

As of January 18th, we’re returning to a regular streaming schedule. Every Sunday with few exceptions we’ll be streaming from 3:30pm at the latest until whenever we pass out for the night. During the week the schedule will vary depending on who is streaming and what else we’re working on but I’ll keep the calendar updated as often as I can. Much of the weekly schedule will still rely on free time since we all still have day jobs.

Starting today (Monday the 5th) I’ll be writing a new article or blog entry every other week. Most of the time I’ll fill out our training sections but now and again I’ll lay down a SitRep to let you all know where we’re at, where we’re going, and how long it should take.

In February, there will be a new video on our YouTube channel every week, sometimes more, but at least one is my pledge. These videos will range from new strategies to drills that you can run with your own crew to wacky shit that we encounter on the stream. Basically anything goes, but I promise that I’ll keep it informative or entertaining and hopefully both.

There are three other projects that I’m developing – two of them involve the Dojo girl featured prominently on the stream, and the third one involves the crew. I’m not sure how everything will play out yet, or what I’ll have time for but I assure you – at least one of these ideas will come to fruition and they’re all pretty cool.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I’ll see you all on the stream in two weeks. January 18th – mark that shit on your calendar!

– Gar

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